New EP Coming December 2016.

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Press Option 1 by Anna Haas

Press Option 2 by Anna Haas



A moniker comprised of a nickname given by a friend and a reference to Courtney Love, Scottie and the Loveless developed an interest for various forms of art from a young age. Beginning with drawing and later moving on to write stories, creating helped him to sort through everything in his mind. While attending boarding school in New England, a mentor helped him to discover his voice and the purpose it had. That voice was one to fight for the outsiders and underdogs. In his early 20’s, the story writing turned into writing lyrics that deal with the trauma and losing yourself that occur with addiction. Compelled by the power and aggression of music from bands like Smashing Pumpkins and Hole, Scottie and the Loveless found a way to feel proud about what he’s overcome in his life. Now he is taking back the power from feeling “loveless” and using it to fuel his music.