A moniker comprised of a nickname given by a friend and a reference to his idol Courtney Love, Scottie and the Loveless was formed in Nashville by lead singer and lyricist JC Peebles. The first EP was recorded at Yellow Hammer Studios the summer of 2016 and released the following December. Comprised of four songs that stand alone from one another, they are the artist's attempt at capturing the turbulence of his life throughout his early twenties. Lyrically they represent the singer's struggle with addiction and the conflict that creates. The first single "On Fire," is a frantic rock song expressing feelings of aggression through heavy drum beats and a swaggering chorus. "Ghosts in the Night," sonically unsettling and synth infused, is a reflection on how past experiences can often feel like a haunting. Now looking to the future Scottie and the Loveless continues to work on new material and will be releasing a full length album in the near future.